Celebrating Our New Aquatic Systems Website Launch With A Contest! Great Little Prize / Tool!

Aquatic Filtration Systems New WebsiteIntegrated Aqua Systems is proud to announce the release of our new website! We encourage you to take a look around to see how we’ve improved the design, navigation and added functionality to help us to better serve our clients.

If you are not already a current IAS Community member, we encourage you to join by clicking this link to sign up for our newsletter. The first 25 people who visit our new site and sign up for our newsletter will receive a FREE 2GB Slim Flip USB drive – it’s business/credit card size & fits right in your wallet! This is a great tool designed to be attached to keys or a lanyard, making it easy to always have valuable data storage at your fingertips…so please don’t hesitate to sign up today! We will notify the winners (first 25 members who sign up for the newsletter) via a special email where we will request the mailing address to send your new FREE 2GB Slim Flip USB drive.

Slim Flip USB DriveWe also encourage you to join our IAS Community Page on Facebook. The IAS Community Forum is an open forum dedicated to sharing news, current events, new technology releases, and information pertinent to a wide range of topics that affect us every day. Some of the hot topics include aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, drinking water, wastewater treatment, and more. If you wish to stay current with these important and relevant topics, please join us and feel free to contribute to the discussion.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this email. We hope to welcome you to our Integrated Aqua Community and look forward to serving your equipment and systems needs.



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