Store Additions – Pumps, UV Sterilizers, Float Switches and Flow Meters

Image-for-Pumps-UV-FlowMeteIn case you’ve got a few more items you need to check off your procurement list, we’re making it easy for you!  We already told you about the filter lines that we are carrying in our online store in our, “You Need Filtration!” post.  We also told you about our Aquarium and Commercial Chillers  that we are featuring in our store when we first announced the store opening to you.

We have been so busy putting it all together, that we haven’t had a chance to let you all know about the latest additions, so we wanted to share them with you now:



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01 of 11: 33,500 gallon Aquarium

02 of 11: 600 gpm Aquarium Life Support System (LSS)

03 of 11: Custom Integrated Filtration System

04 of 11: Integrated Filtration Systems

05 of 11: HEX Drum Filter

06 of 11: Integrated Filtration System

07 of 11: Aquatic Research Center

08 of 11: Integrated Filtration Systems

09 of 11: Aquatic Research Systems

10 of 11: Aquatic Research System

11 of 11: Aquatic Research Facility