California Department of Fish & Wildlife Selects IAS for Industrial Chilling & UV Disinfection System to Save Salmon

The California drought is now threatening the fall chinook salmon run and trout population could be affected by a decrease in water levels.  Emergency action has been taken by the California State Department to save the spawning season with the installation of a large industrial chilling and UV disinfection system at the American River Trout Hatchery.

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. was selected as the Prime Supplier in partnership with Aquacare Environment, Inc. to provide the 260 ton chilling system, 15 KW UV sterilization system and mechanical drum filtration system capable of handling 1,800 gpm.  The project is currently underway at the American River Trout Hatchery near Sacramento, CA.


American River Trout Hatchery Chillers


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