Plants grown in Integrated™ Aquaponics System at right

Plants grown in Integrated™ Aquaponics System at right





Integrated™  Aquaponics System

Integrated™ Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Fish

Fish from Integrated™ Aquaponics System Above

Neil Zoller

Neil Zoller

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. welcomes Neil Zoller to head up their Aquaponics and Hydroponics Operations.

Raised on farms and ranches in Northern California and Nevada, his passion has always been agriculture; however, during his college years his emphasis turned to civil engineering. Upon completing his Engineer in Training in Australia, he returned to the United States to begin a career in Construction engineering and project management. Neil has dedicated thirty plus years to the Design Development and Project Management of commercial and industrial projects, both here in the United States and internationally in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia and Europe.

In the last few years, Neil has completed projects for the Food Industry including a 25 million dollar flour mill, now owned by Con Agra, and construction of the processing plant for Redi-pac.

Neil has been consulting in the Aquaponics and Organic Hydroponic industry for the last four years, designing and managing construction of several projects. His passion for the industry has led him back to his roots and the occupation of his passion, agriculture. We welcome him here, at Integrated Aqua Systems, where he will provide added expertise to help provide our clients with Turn-Key Aquaponic and Organic Hydroponic operations.

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