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INTEGRATED™ Recirculating HEX™ Filtration & Disinfection Systems

IAS is proud to announce our new INTEGRATED™ HEX-Series Filtration Systems (IFS) Featuring HEX™ Drum Filters, the ONLY Drum Filter with Direct Drive Gear Wheel (DDGW), as the central form of mechanical filtration.

HEX™ Drum Filters represent the latest in microscreen drum filtration technology. The patented HEX BeeCell™ Microscreen utilizes nature’s own unique design to provide more efficient filtration than traditional filters. Advanced features included in the HEX™ Drum Filter are a culmination of 30 years of experience and development by aquaculture engineers and biologists. As a result, the HEX™ Drum Filter design has more flexibility and is more efficient with energy, water usage, cost and filtration capacity than traditional filters on the market today. These drum filters are maintenance free, have no corrosion, require no oil bath, are highly efficient and economical.

The system featured here has the F1-1T HEX™ drum filter and controls, along with pumping, UV disinfection, BioElement™ Biofilter, and an INTEGRATED™ pre-engineered sump. This system is electrically efficient using only 1050 Watts, and has a max flow rate of 176 GPM (depending on screen micron size). Options include: temperature control, water quality monitoring, and Ethernet accessibility.


  • Compact Design – System is skid mounted on 4′ x 8′ base
  • Flow rate up to 176 gpm
  • Automatic Backwash system dramatically reduces labor cost
  • Super efficient, low energy pumping system
  • Scalable High output UV sterilization
  • Scalable BioElement™ Biofilters sized for any type of water quality
  • Flexible design with available options:
    • heating and chilling
    • water quality monitoring & control
    • additional filtration such as foam fractionators

Contact us today to get more information and request a quote on the best system available for your aquatic filtration needs.

IAS Offers Advanced UV Sterilizer Technology from Aquafine / TrojanUV to Promote Aquaculture Biosecurity


Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. is committed to supporting the aquaculture industry as it strives to improve biosecurity in new and existing aquaculture facilities through providing the highest quality aquaculture UV disinfection equipment and systems.  As an Authorized Distributor of Aquafine and TrojanUVLogic sterilizers, IAS offers commercial/industrial scale UV systems that are uniquely suited to meet the disinfection needs of fresh water incoming water disinfection and RAS systems.  IAS can also combine powerful UV technology with mechanical filtration systems and pumping systems as a Systems Integrator, designed and built to your specific needs.


UV Channel Tank and Drum Filter with Controls System

Commercial-scale enclosed vessel UV sterilizers are offered in a complete selection with Optima HXSeries and TrojanUVLogic Series.  For larger scale, high-flow and/or high-dose applications, the Trojan UV 3000 series of open channel water sterilizers provide a cost effective solution.  Trojan open channel systems feature amalgam lamps, optional Acti-Clean wiping systems, flexible channel arrangements and advanced electronics to fit the needs of any commercial/industrial application.   For more information or to request a quote, contact IAS today.

IAS Capabilities Brochure 2016

Please click below to turn the pages and view our brochure. If your browser cannot read the flipbook format, you can view it in .pdf format here.


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