Automatic Backwash Systems

Introducing NEW AquaPLC™ Backwash Controller!

Integrated Aqua Systems is proud to announce the release of our NEW AquaPLC™ Programmable Logic Controller designed to handle automatic backwash control of up to five independent filtration systems with a single controller. Now multiple filtration systems can be controlled from a single controller and communicate with each other to provide smart backwash handling. Our revolutionary new AquaPLC™ includes many advanced automation features including
  • Touch Screen – Schedule backwashes on the user friendly Windows-Based touch screen user interface. Scheduler is based on a 24/7 calendar clock timer and/or filter pressure. Additional devices such as secondary pumps can also be controlled by the same controller.
  • Multiple System Control – Can handle up to 5 independent systems with a single controller. Uses a “Round Robin” queue to prevent simultaneous backwashing. Can control multiple small or large-scale systems.
  • Alarms & Conditional Programming – Custom programming of alarms and conditional backwash inputs available as needed on a project by project basis (float switches for water level, valve actuation, pump cutout, etc.).
  • Datalogging – Records Data up to 4 GB for easy download to a PC computer
  • Expandability – Can connect to additional PLC systems for unlimited expandability. Connections between PLC units only require a single ethernet wire connection minimizing wire installation and facilitating multi-level facility installations.

Automatic Backwash Systems

Custom Skid Mounted Filtration System

Custom Skid Mounted Filtration System

HydroMation Automatic Backwash SystemsOur new HydroMation Automatic Backwash Control Systems provide automation for the filter, rinse and backwash cycles. Available with pressure and/or time activatipon, the HydroMation eliminates the labor and concerns of timely cleaning cycles. The HydroMation can be easily installed on existing systems or included in new applications and is available for both top-mount and side-mount filters. Available in sizes of 1 1/2″, 2″ and 3″. The control board is built right into the valve housing for easy installation and has a manual external touch control pad for system testing or to initiate an extra backwash cycle if required. Operation is simple – no PLC programming experience is required to operate.

Automatic Backwash System SchematicFeatures:

  1. Water and chemical resistant NEMA enclosure and touch key pad
  2. Manual buttons for On, Off, Test, Manual Mode or Automatic Mode
  3. Programmable digital calendar clock timer for timed auto-backwash control is integrated into control board. Adjustable delay / duration timers, electrical terminal connections also included
  4. Adjustable pressure switch (6 – 45 psi)
  5. Multiport valve connections to filter ( 1 1/2″, 2″ or 3″)
  6. Manual backwash override handle
  7. Mode indicator dial









Introducing NEW AquaPLC™ Backwash Controller!

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