Largest Fish Tank Ever Featured On Animal Planet’s Series, “Tanked”

Ever dream of snorkeling in an aquarium? Now you can. Well known artist, Guy Harvey, has chosen the new Guy Harvey Outpost Resort in St. Petersburg, FL as a demonstration model for his love of the sea with the installation of a 33,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. The aquarium will feature 25 different species of fish from the local Gulf of Mexico waters and offer guests the opportunity to snorkel in the aquarium.

FOX 13 News

IAS designed, built and installed the skid mounted LSS systems for the project which is the largest aquarium ever featured on the hit reality series “Tanked” on Animal Planet. The aquarium project is set for an exciting “reveal” this May. Check out the TV buzz, watch a video clip from Fox 13 News station above, and stay tuned!


One of 3 large filtration skid systems that IAS manufactured for the Guy Harvey Outpost aquarium

200 gpm Integrated Filtration & Disinfection System


Part 3: Value Engineering in Aquatic Systems

Drew Tubb, Sr. Aquatic Systems Engineer

Workshop – As presented at the AALSO 2014 Symposium

Drew Tubb leading the Value Engineering Workshop at the AALSO 2014 Symposium

Drew Tubb leading the Value Engineering Workshop at the AALSO 2014 Symposium

In the construction industry, the value engineering (VE) phase of project development typically occurs as projects move from their initial design to the construction documentation phase.  Within the world of aquatic systems, we have found that many interpret value engineering exclusively as an exercise in which aspects of a project are cut to lower the bottom line cost.  In reality, the true purpose of value engineering is to fundamentally improve the overall value of the project.  Below will discuss areas to consider which increase system function without increasing dollars spent, or decrease dollars spent without sacrificing overall system functionality.

IAS presented a workshop at the AALSO 2014 Symposium in Las Vegas, providing an abstract of Value Engineering to workshop participants.  Below is a flipbook of the slideshow presentation given.  Of course, additional commentary was given on each slide, so you cannot get the full effect of the workshop just from viewing the slideshow alone; however, it will give you a broad spectrum view of Value Engineering. (if you click the little screen icon on the left side of the navigation bar under the flipbook, it will open to full screen, then simply double click the page to make the viewable area larger, double click again to show navigation bar so you can flip pages, etc…)



Drew Tubb brings 18 years of experience in the operation, construction and design of aquatic systems and continues this series of articles discussing Value and Aquatic Life Support Systems Technology. Drew can be reached at

Making Headlines – Integrated Aqua Systems Key Supplier for Indoor Shrimp Farm in Massachussetts

The March/April 2013 issue of Aquaculture North America announced that one of our clients, Sky8 Shrimp Farm, is preparing to sell their first harvest of Pacific White Shrimp this month (March 2013)!

2012-09-10-15.22.46Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. supplied large fiberglass tanks, as well as a custom skid-mounted filtration and disinfection system for this project.

Click to download the pdf of the entire article  on left.

***Special thanks to Aquaculture North America for allowing us to share this article with our readers.

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