Integrated-Aqua™ Skid Mounted Filtration Systems Brochure

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You Need Filtration!

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of our IAS Online Store. Our store was created to be a useful tool for facility managers and life support managers to source equipment at the best prices available online, so you could make your purchases quickly, conveniently and securely.  This week we have a range of cartridge filters, bag filters and media filters to support your filtration needs.  Whether you are in the field of aquaculture, aquatic research or commercial – Integrated Aqua can supply the filtration equipment and systems to suit your needs.   Please call us directly for any custom or capital equipment needs or service.  The following standard products are available to purchase directly online:

We will continue to add our quality water handling products weekly so please visit us again to check the latest updates. We are always available to help you or answer question regarding existing systems or if you need design & build support so please call us directly if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Radial Flow Separators

Radial Flow Separators / Settlers

The Radial Flow Separator / Settler (RFS) is a pre-filtration device for particle removal from fish system effluent flows. The RFS is also very effective in removing settleable solids such as sand and grit from fish farm supply flows. This simple, energy neutral, proven device is in use on fish farms in the United States, Canada and Norway.

HDPE Radial Flow Separator installed in a research laboratory in Vancouver, BC.


FEATURING: RFS-45 (45° Cone)

  • Greatly reduces solids loading in a system
  • Passive piece of equipment and requires no additional energy to operate
  • Requires routine cleaning only – no additional maintenance or servicing required
  • Available in many sizes for various flow requirements
  • Designed for containerized shipping anywhere in the world



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