PRESS RELEASE – 3/24/2015



Escondido, CA, March 24, 2015 – Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. (IAS), a leading aquatic systems integrator and aquaculture equipment supplier announced today its North American distributorship agreement with European manufacturer CM Aqua Technologies based in Denmark. “We are excited about the addition of HEX™ Microscreen Drum Filters to our product line. HEX™ Filters represent a next generation microscreen drum filter design and fill a market need for more economical and efficient microscreen drum filtration technology ” said Sam Courtland, President of Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc.

HEX™ Drum Filters utilize patented BeeCell™ Microscreen panels which are the result of advanced filter development based on 30 years of aquaculture experience by the manufacturer. HEX™ Drum Filters with BeeCell™ Microscreens are being used in some of the most advanced aquaculture facilities in the world and have shown to provide significantly increased filtration efficiency per ft2, energy efficiency, water savings, corrosion resistance and mechanical reliability than seen before with other filters. BeeCell™ Microscreen panels can also directly replace Hydrotech drum screen panels to increase performance without any modification to the existing filter.

Established in 2003, Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. is a leading aquatic systems integrator and supplier providing specialized systems, design-build services and a complete range of equipment for commercial aquaculture, aquatic research laboratories and commercial aquatic exhibits. For more information please Contact Us.


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IAS Announces Winner of Live Lobster Package for 6!

It was great to visit with everyone at the World Aquaculture Society Conference in New Orleans. Thank you to those who stopped by our booth and participated in our lobster giveaway.

Congratulations to Brian Small, with SIU Carbondale, the winner of our random drawing for live lobster delivery!

California Department of Fish & Wildlife Selects IAS for Industrial Chilling & UV Disinfection System to Save Salmon

The California drought is now threatening the fall chinook salmon run and trout population could be affected by a decrease in water levels.  Emergency action has been taken by the California State Department to save the spawning season with the installation of a large industrial chilling and UV disinfection system at the American River Trout Hatchery.

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. was selected as the Prime Supplier in partnership with Aquacare Environment, Inc. to provide the 260 ton chilling system, 15 KW UV sterilization system and mechanical drum filtration system capable of handling 1,800 gpm.  The project is currently underway at the American River Trout Hatchery near Sacramento, CA.


American River Trout Hatchery Chillers


01 of 11: 33,500 gallon Aquarium

02 of 11: 600 gpm Aquarium Life Support System (LSS)

03 of 11: Custom Integrated Filtration System

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05 of 11: HEX Drum Filter

06 of 11: Integrated Filtration System

07 of 11: Aquatic Research Center

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