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BioElement™ Biofilters for Recirculating Aquatic Systems


BioElement™ moving bed biofilters from Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. represent the latest advances in biofiltration technology for aquaculture.  At the core of the BioElement™ Biofilter is IAS BioElement™ biological media.  IAS BioElements™ provide some of the highest usable surface area per unit volume (750m2/m3, 228ft2/ft3) in a high quality, form-stable, injection molded plastic element.   IAS BioElements™ are not prone to binding together, wedging or disintegrating over time like comparable medias.  IAS BioElements™ are engineered in a medium density product designed specifically for use in moving bed biofilters.  Medium density media allows better mixing in the vessel with less aeration required ultimately leading to a more energy efficient filter.

  • BioElement™ Biofilters are not vulnerable to “crash” during short loss of flow events like fluidized biofilters.
  • BioElement™ Biofilters can provide excellent water quality over a broad range of ammonia loading scenarios
  • BioElement™ Biofilters include aeration which allows effluent water to be oxygenated at the filter outlet return to the tanks
  • BioElement™ Biofilters require low pumping head which translates to maximum energy efficiency

BioElement™ Biofilters are offered in a complete product line with standard HDPE models ranging from 23″ diameter to 103″ diameter.   BioElement™ Biofilter vessels are constructed of UV resistant, opaque, high density polyethylene material with all inlet/outlet fittings included as well as air supply and distribution manifolds.   For larger projects, IAS will assist with sizing and selecting the biofilter specific to the project and can be built on-site with a detailed set of engineering plans.


IAS is committed to providing the technical expertise required to size and select a BioElement™ Biofilter for your specific application.  Please consult the selection charts below for general sizing criteria and contact IAS today for application assistance and pricing.


Sizing Guide for BioElement™ Biofilters

This guide provides bioreactor sizing for three general types of aquatic systems:









* TAN = Total ammonia nitrogen (mg N/L) = mg NH3-N/L + mg NH4-N/L

For each type of aquatic system, TAN removal rates in the table below are shown for a water temperature of 15 C. For water temperatures below and above 15 C, multiply TAN removal rate by the following factors:




Please contact our technical support team for help regarding:

  • Calculation of ammonia loading rates from feed application rates
  • Correction factors for in situ nitrification and system water exchange
  • System design based on criteria for toxic un-ionized ammonia
  • Parallel staging of bioreactors based on water flow rates
  • Serial staging of bioreactors for optimized oxidation of organic carbon and ammonia
  • Biofilter media conditioning procedures prior to stocking fish
  • Management of water alkalinity and pH for optimized ammonia oxidation


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