HEX™ Microscreen Drum Filters

The ONLY Drum Filter with Direct Drive Gear Wheel (DDGW)

HEX™ Drum Filters represent the latest in microscreen drum filtration technology. The patented HEX BeeCell™ Microscreen utilizes nature’s own unique design to provide more efficient filtration than traditional filters. Advanced features included in the HEX™ Drum Filter are a culmination of 30 years of experience and development by aquaculture engineers and biologists. As a result, the HEX™ Drum Filter design has more flexibility and is more efficient with energy, water usage, cost and filtration capacity than traditional filters on the market today.

HEX™ Drum Filters are delivered in a full product range, manufactured as model F1-1 with a single panel up to F5-9 with 45 filter panels. BeeCell™ Microscreens are available from as small as 10 micron up to 1000 micron, with a flow range capacity from 44 – 22,017 gpm (10 to 5000 m3/ h) of water in each unit. There are three basic filter configurations to suit any drum filter application and many custom options are available to suit the needs of any project.

Please consult Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. for assistance in sizing and configurations for your project.

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DRUM FILTER - F4 - HEX Microscreen Drum Filter

With a specially designed single HEX™ panel, the model F1-1T provides efficient filtration up to 176 GPM in a 24″ x 36″ footprint!  The F1-1T includes all of the advanced engineering features as the larger industrial drum filters including direct drive gear wheel (DDGW), HEX™ panel, ceramic rinse nozzles and internal bypass to prevent overflow.  The F1-1T is made entirely of heavy duty non-corrosive plastic materials, perfect for any salt or freshwater application needing high-performance, self-cleaning mechanical filtration.

Innovative HEX™ Drum Filters Utilize Nature’s Unique Design for Optimal Filtration

    • Direct Drive Gear Wheel (DDGW) design is 100% non corrosive and requires zero maintenance. No more oil baths and rusty chains!
    • New & improved HEX panel design provides up to 20% more filtration capacity in the same footprint compared to other filters
    • Internal bypass configuration allows continued flow operation even in high water level situations
    • Added features for corrosion resistance even in warm saltwater applications
    • Energy and water efficient with 50% lower water requirements than other comparable filters
    • Smart PLC Controllers available for most efficient operation and backwash control
    • Complete range of models available with custom features to fit any application
    • Controls integration, testing, spare parts inventory and customer support in our Escondido, CA Facility



DRUM FILTER - HEX versionCVersion C, installation in channel
The HEX™ F in C version is the filter with the lowest investment cost. The C versions require a channel installation with level weir in correct lengths, both for overflow and outlet of the filter.

Integrated Aqua will advise you the needed wall height and wall lengths needed for any actual installation.

DRUM FILTER - HEX versionTVersion T, the tank model
The HEX™ F in T version is a full solution with pipe in and pipe out of the filter. This filter as the required level weir for both overflow and outlet build into the tank.

Large size HEX™ T filters are supplied with high flow level weirs with pipe-set package in the tank for handling the high flows.

DRUM FILTER - HEX versionHVersion H, the half-tank model
The HEX™ F in H version is a special variant to suit compact installations. Version H still requires a channel installation, but has a built-in outlet level weir.

Integrated Aqua will advise you the needed wall height and wall lengths needed for any actual installation.

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