Perma-Beads® Filtration Media

Perma-Beads™ Filtration Media

Perma-Beads™ Filtration Media

PERMA-BEAD® media provides a permanent, non-channeling, non-clogging replacement for sand in any existing rapid sand filter. Our PERMA-BEAD® media provides large interstitial spaces for trapping debris thereby extending backwash intervals and minimizing water loss. The unique surface properties and high density combine to create a self-cleaning media bed that refluidizes completely upon backwash. Complete, state-of-the-art, low-maintenance bead filters provide superior suspended particulate removal without the channeling and clogging found in all common sand, DE and cartridge filters.
  • PERMA-BEADS® permanently eliminate clogging and channeling in all sand filters
  • NO PLUMBING CHANGES: Just take out the sand and pour in the Perma-Beads®. It’s that easy!
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Over 20 years of continuous operation in thousands of filters worldwide!
  • SUPERB WATER QUALITY: With the addition of Perma-Beads® in any make or model sand filter.

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PHYSICAL SHAPE – Perma-Beads® are specifically designed to replace sand in rapid sand filters. Perma-Beads® do not have any flat or porous surfaces that can stick together as in sand or other angular or porous media. The smooth spherical shape of each bead prevents adhesion and bridging to other beads. This unique spherical shape also creates maximum interstitial spaces between Perma-Beads® trapping large quantities of debris thereby greatly extending the time between backwashes while minimizing water use at each backwash.

SURFACE PROPERTIES – The very hard surface properties of Perma-Beads® prevent bacteria from etching into the surface and the very slippery surface allows even the stickiest waste to be scrubbed off when the bed fluidizes upon backwash. In fact, as Perma-Beads® age, they remove smaller particles as a thin layer of nitrifying bacteria covers each bead. These are the same bacteria that creates bridging, clogging and channeling in other media, but in Perma-Beads®, this mechanism actually serves to trap smaller particles that are then easily removed in the backwash cycle.

WATER QUALITY -Since 1989, Perma-Beads® have been used in thousands of filters, all are still consistently providing exceptionally clear water. The 4,520 square feet of surface area per cubic foot provide a significant surface area for supplemental biological filtration, especially when an oxygenated flow of water enters the filter.

EASILY INSTALLED – The dense nature of Perma-Beads® media (1cu. ft. = 55lbs.) prevents loss upon backwash while reducing the weight needed to replace sand by approximately 60%. The high density of Perma-Beads® also eliminates the need for any plumbing changes when switching from sand to Perma-Beads®. Simply remove the sand and pour in the Perma-Beads® .

PHYSICAL STABILITY– Perma-Beads® never need replacement and can even be repeatedly sterilized using chlorine or muriatic acid without any adverse effects upon the Perma-Beads®. Perma-Bead® media is now in continuous use in thousands of koi and ornamental pond systems as well as aquaculture and architectural sites.

HOW TO CONVERT SAND TO PERMA-BEADS® – Take the sand filter manufacturer’s rating for pounds of sand, multiply by .6 and divide by 55. Round up or down to the closest whole number. This is the number of cubic feet you need.

Please call for a price quote including UPS shipping and any additional questions about our complete State-of-the-Art Perma-Bead® filtration system.

Being located in Middle Georgia, our outdoor exhibits are constantly exposed to elements such as sunlight, rain, and pollen. We decided to try Perma-Beads in our most problematic system. They have eliminated the clogging and channeling that we previously had to deal with using sand. Backwashing frequency and duration have also decreased, saving us time and water. We have been very happy with the product and have since replaced the media in many of our other filters with Perma-Beads as well.

Go Fish Education Center Aquarium Staff
Michael Fulghum, Aquarium Manager
Tim Blue, Asst. Aquarium Manager

Really happy with the PermaBeads, backwashing is a charm, very little water loss, water is always clear and polished. I have a lower pressure on my gauge which is about 5psi now, usually about 10-12 psi with sand, but the water coming out is clear and the water pressure for the waterfall is great. I’ll will be getting more beads for my larger filter down the road … BIG THANKS for a great product, I will be telling all my Koi buddies about your beads…

Rick from New Jersey

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