Radial Flow Separators / Settlers

The Radial Flow Settler (RFS) is a passive, gravity fed, pre-filtration device for particle removal from system effluent flows. RFS units are very effectively used for the removal of up to 85% of settleable solids from aquaculture effluent flows. They are also very effective in removing settleable solids such as sand and grit from fish farm supply flows. This is a very simple, energy neutral, proven device is in use on recirculating aquaculture systems, aquaponics and specialty filtration applications world-wide. RFS units have been found to provide approximately twice the TSS removal efficiency of swirl separators of identical size and surface-loading rate. Also, the use of an RFS unit vs. a swirl separator provided considerably reduced solids loading on the microscreen drum filter, which would be expected to reduce its backwash requirements.

Integrated Aqua Systems RFS units are available in capacities ranging from 3 gpm to over 1000 gpm. Vessel construction is custom molded fiberglass and some models are available in high density polyethylene (HDPE). 45° cone offers better flexibility in design due to lower overall height and 60° cones offer better solids accumulation and flushing.

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HDPE Radial Flow Separator installed in a research laboratory in Vancouver, BC.

FEATURING: RFS-45 (45° Cone)
• Greatly reduces solids loading in a system
• Passive piece of equipment and requires no additional energy to operate
• Requires routine cleaning only – no additional maintenance or servicing required
• Available in many sizes for various flow requirements
• Designed for containerized shipping anywhere in the world

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