Aquaculture Tank Systems

IAS specializes in the design, integration and supply of customized tank systems for live aquatic animal holding, rearing, research, education and viewing. We offer a complete selection of tank options including fiberglass, acrylic aquaria, glass aquaria, insulated tanks, HDPE tanks and polyethylene tanks. Tank systems are designed and built to meet the specific project requirements. For professionally engineered projects, we offer professional services. Visit our Services Page for more details. Contact Us today to discuss your project and request a quote.
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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)



IAS designs, builds and supplies recirculating aquaculture systems for production, research and education. We work with small scale systems to commercial scale production systems. Our clients are top universities, research institutions, commercial aquaculture companies, state and federal agencies.







NEW! Grow 500 lbs. of fish with 139 watts of electricity with Integrated Aqua Systems new RAS-1300, 1300 gallon Fish Rearing System. The most economical and efficient system on the market today.

View/Download RAS-1300, 1300 gallon Fish Rearing System.PDF