Fiberglass Tanks Fiberglass tanks are heavy duty and built to last in any environment. Standard and custom fiberglass tanks are available for any aquatic system. Fabricated to clients’ exact specifications and can be customized to any configuration. Shipping FOB factory in Sacramento, CA.
Rectangular, Circular and Panel tanks for aquatic systems

  • Rectangular Standard tanks available with capacity from 40 gallons to 6400 gallons. Ideal for sumps tanks, raceways, fish and shellfish holding, breeding.




  • Circular Standard tanks available from 54 gallons to 2640 gallons. One piece tanks available up to 12’ diameter, two-piece tanks from 12’ – 20’ diameter. Add custom features including legs, overflow weirs, drains and different gel coat colors. Most tanks nest for economical shipping.



  • Panel Tanks Available from 12’ – 40’ diameter up to 10’ deep. Can be stacked for larger capacity. Most efficient style for shipping large tanks. Tanks includes floors, hardware, assembly kit and require installation on-site.






Plastic Tanks A wide range of plastic tank types and options are available including acrylic aquaria, PVC tanks, insulated tanks, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Options include clear windows, insulation and custom configurations. Tanks can also be rack-mounted and supplied with filtration systems and equipment to meet the project requirements. Consult with Integrated Aqua for tank sizes.