Submersible Electric Heaters

We offer submersible heaters from 1-18 KW for applications of all sizes. These immersion heaters feature durable construction, moisture resistant heads and built in safety features to provide safe and efficient temperature regulation.

TC Series Submersible Heaters

TC Series Submersible Heaters are economical, PTC and Energy Efficient. These heaters have a digital control that comes with a 15’ sensor and they must lay on the bottom of the pond or pool. This line of Submersible heaters is available from 1kW-2kW.

View / Download – TC Series Submersible Heater Spec.PDF


QDPTY Series Submersible Heaters

QDPTY Series Titanium Submersible Heaters are made of pure Titanium which has been proven and used in Marine Aquaculture for years. PTC prevents low liquid level burnout, and these are able to be buried under sand or gravel. This line of Titanium submersible heaters is available from 1kW to 18kW in either 120v or 240v.

View / Download – QDPTY Series Titanium Submersible Heater Spec.PDF


SmartOne® Series Submersible Heaters

SmartOne® Series Submersion Heaters are self-limiting PTC electric immersion heaters which are more dependable with extended service life and will not burn out in air, scale or sludge like traditional resistance heaters. Most models come supplied with a 10′ power cord and EasyPlug Connection. SmartOne® heaters come in either Titanium or 316 Stainless with sizes ranging from 1kW-5.6kW.

View / Download – SmartOne® Series Submersible Heater Spec.PDF


Please contact us for help with sizing and model selection.

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