Commercial Aquatic Exhibits


Project Description:

The new Pacific Seas Aquarium opened in September of 2018 at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. This 35,000 square-foot aquarium took $51.6 million and four years to design and construct. The result is spectacular; the aquarium is now home to hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, eagle rays, sheephead fish, a giant Pacific octopus and many more marine species. The 280,000-gallon exhibit Baja Bay features a viewing window extending upwards into a 10 foot arch, creating a semi-tunnel which allows visitors to view sharks and rays swimming overhead. The 100,000-gallon Northwest Waters habitat features marine species that are local to Puget Sound. The Tidal Touch Zone allows visitors to interact with creatures such as sea urchins, crabs and sea cucumbers.

Point Defiance Aquarium is a landmark project for IAS, which uses HEX™ microscreen drum filters as the primary mechanical filtration for the entire exhibit. The significant advantages of drum filtration compared to traditional sand filtration are put on full display at PDZA. The crystal clear water, low energy requirement and efficient backwash water use is a testament to the technology being used. HEX™ drum filters were selected as the base of design for the project due to their anti-corrosive materials of construction ideal for saltwater, operational efficiency and quality engineering to provide industrial filter performance for the long term. 



Project Description:
The new $3.5 Billion Baha Mar Resort is a spectacular, world class destination resort located in Nassau, Bahamas. IAS provided INTEGRATED™ filtration systems for each of the four, 4,000 gallon quarantine systems and commercial protein skimmers for the saltwater tropical exhibit pool.

The custom INTEGRATED™ Filtration Systems (IFS) were each rated for 90 gpm and designed to filter four (4), 4,000 gallon capacity each saltwater quarantine tanks. The intent of the tanks is to quarantine new specimens prior to introduction into the main 175,000 gallon exhibit tank, as well as provide space for ongoing quarantine and medical treatment once the exhibit tank is up and running. The exhibit tank will display sharks, sea turtles and tropical ornamentals.

Our IFS units include Sparus filter pump with Hitachi VFD, a 36” PermaBead filter, dual 120 Watt Emperor UV’s with low flow protection and a 9KW water to water heat exchanger for temperature control. All water from our skid supplies a 2’ diameter x 10’6” deaeration/biotower media. Water from the deaeration tower supplies the quarantine tank by gravity.


Project Description:
As part of the beach-front Guy Harvey Outpost resort, the Rumfish Grill is a destination restaurant designed to attract both tourists and Tampa/St. Petersburg locals alike. Formerly an underutilized conference and special event space, the restaurant was conceptualized and constructed as an immersion experience for diners and resort guests.

IAS was contracted by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing of Nevada (ATM) to provide life support system (LSS) design, build, supply and commissioning for the centerpiece aquarium, a 33,500 gallon concrete and acrylic Gulf of Mexico-themed saltwater tank that occupies one full wall of the restaurant. The primary viewing window allows a panoramic view into the aquarium, with a secondary tunnel window that offers the perspective of being inside the aquarium. Further, Guy Harvey Outpost has established a snorkeling program to allow guest to truly immerse themselves in the aquarium. The project required LSS design for this aquarium, with emphasis on water clarity and ability to handle both fish waste and organic input from bathers. IAS was also tasked with the creation of a quarantine system to house new animals prior to introduction to the aquarium as well as a saltwater makeup system for mixing of synthetic seawater to perform water changes.

IAS was involved early in the design process to incorporate the LSS into the architectural design of the restaurant and surrounding support spaces. IAS worked directly with ATM, the general contractor and Guy Harvey Outpost to design the systems, tank piping penetrations and interconnecting plumbing between tanks and mechanical spaces. Additional design scope included CAD layout of mechanical spaces, P&ID drawings and construction documentation for the systems. IAS utilized supplied skid-mounted Integrated Filtration Systems™ designed, built and water tested in our fabrication facility prior to shipping in order to facilitate a professional installation and smooth start up. Additional equipment supplied by IAS included moving bed biofilters for both the main aquarium and quarantine system, foam fractionators, ozone generation equipment, heat pumps and water quality monitoring equipment for the systems. Our experienced Project Manager worked in the field with the project team throughout the construction phase to complete the successful installation of the systems, perform startup and commissioning and provide systems training to operations staff.

**View a video clip of this project as featured on Animal Planet’s hit reality TV show, “TANKED”**


Aquarium Photos Credit: Wind Creek Hospitality

Project Description:
Wind Creek Casino is a newly constructed hotel and tribal gaming facility in Wetumpka, AL. Built to replace an existing smaller gaming facility, Wind Creek Hospitality was interested in creating a gaming space with unique appeal to draw visitors from the surrounding areas of Montgomery, Birmingham and Atlanta. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing of Nevada (ATM) was contracted to incorporate a signature aquarium display featuring sharks into the Center Bar area of the gaming floor.

IAS was engaged to provide life support system (LSS) design, build, supply and commissioning for the centerpiece aquarium. The Shark Aquarium is a highly customized and unique 16,500 gallon fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and acrylic saltwater tank mounted above the Center Bar of the casino. Oval in shape, the aquarium is void in the middle to allow space for bar service and access to the top of the tank through the middle of the aquarium. The LSS is installed in a subterranean vault below the aquarium and bar area.

IAS worked closely with ATM to design and engineer a completely automated and highly sophisticated LSS into the architectural design of the casino. Wind Creek Hospitality needed a system design that met the functional needs of the aquarium as well as the automation needs of the end user. IAS provided 3D CAD layout of mechanical spaces, P&ID drawings and construction documentation of the systems. IAS designed, built and supplied skid-mounted filtration components including pump assemblies, mechanical filtration assemblies using PermaBead™ filtration media, UV sterilization/heat exchanger assemblies and Microbead™ biological filters. IAS further designed, built and supplied a highly customized AquaPLC™ system to control mechanical filter backwash and monitor water quality parameters, water temperature and system flow rates. The IAS AquaPLC™ system was configured to be viewable and alarmable from the casino’s Building Management System (BMS), allowing operations staff to be aware of any system irregularities remotely in real time. IAS also supplied foam fractionation and reverse osmosis equipment.

Additional field services were provided to the client by IAS throughout the construction phase to complete the successful installation of the system and integration of automation, perform startup and commissioning and provide systems training to operations staff.

**View a video clip of this project as featured on Animal Planet’s hit reality TV show, “TANKED”**


Photo Credit: Left Lane News

Project Description:
Integrated Aqua Systems designed, built and supplied a custom life support system for this unique 800 gallon saltwater aquarium. Commissioned for the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, this system replaced the engine under the hood of a 2014 Toyota Highlander SUV. With creative component selection and placement, the IAS team created a system that included a sump with biological filtration, filter pump, mechanical cartridge filter, UV sterilizer, chiller and foam fractionator. The system was electrically integrated prior to delivery and was installed over the course of two days.

Key Innovations:
The system included water quality monitoring and the ability to control the pump, UV, chiller and lights remotely. A wireless tablet installed in the cabin allowed attendees to view real-time water temperature, pH, ORP and dissolved oxygen levels from the driver’s seat.

**View a video clip of this project as featured on Animal Planet’s hit reality TV show, “TANKED”**

EL PASO ZOO – African Savanna Exhibit Filtration

Project Description:

The El Paso Zoo is an accredited zoo by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) that includes expansive green spaces and water features throughout the luxurious grounds and is home to exotic animals from around the world.      Integrated Aqua Systems was a key supplier of integrated filtration systems for the African Savanna Exhibit in 2009.   The project included three (3) 400gpm and one (1) 100 gpm PermaBead filtration and disinfection systems to keep a total of 50,000 gallons of water clean and clear for exotic animals to drink.

ALASKA’S SEALIFE CENTER – Pacific Salmon Exhibit Filtration

Project Description:

Located on Resurrection Bay, The Alaska Sealife Center is Alaska’s only public aquarium and ocean wildlife rescue center.   The AK Sealife Center is focused on research, rehabilitation, education and exhibits.   IAS designed, built and supplied three (3) Integrated filtration and disinfection systems rated for 125 gpm each to handle the incoming water filtration needs and fine solids removal for the Center’s new Pacific Salmon Exhibit.

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