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Integrated Aqua Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs, builds and supplies aquatic equipment and systems that meet our clients’ specific needs. We work primarily in the aquatic life support (LSS) industry which includes clients working in aquaculture, aquatic research, decorative ponds, water features, aquaponics and commercial aquatic exhibits. We are located in a modern industrial fabrication and testing facility in Escondido, CA where we fabricate, assemble and test our complete water handling, filtration and tank systems. To the extent possible all systems are water tested, electrically tested and documented to meet our rigorous standards for quality and performance. We take great pride in our advanced system designs and high quality workmanship. ias-facility-300

Meet The Management

Sam Courtland, CEO of Integrated Aqua Systems

Sam Courtland

Sam Courtland, President

Sam Courtland brings 18 years of experience working on all aspects of the aquaculture and aquatic systems business. After gaining his BA in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona, Sam started his aquaculture career in Costa Rica working on a shrimp farm developing a pilot marine snapper hatchery which is a commercial success today.  Field experience with hatchery management, working with recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), growing live feeds, algae and husbandry of larval marine fish was then applied to projects in Mexico and for Auburn University. After moving to San Diego and working in management and executive level positions for two leading aquaculture system manufacturers, Sam founded Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. in 2003.  Through the course of the company’s last 13 years in business, IAS has established itself as a leading supplier and integrator of highly advanced and customized systems for top research universities, private aquaculture companies, government agencies and publicly traded companies. In his free time Sam enjoys time with his two kids, tennis, hiking, running, playing guitar, and any activity outdoors in and around the ocean, mountains and desert.

Christine Wade / General Manager

Christine Wade

Christine Wade, General Manager

Christine comes to Integrated Aqua Systems with 25 years of office management and accounting experience as well as 20 years of experience in procurement for manufacturing and distribution. With over 13 years of website design and marketing experience, Christine also designed and maintains our website. Christine is mom to two ambitious teenagers – one now off to college.  In her spare time she likes to go camping or boating with the family, day trips, and spending time with friends.

Doug Ernst, Ph.D.

Doug Ernst, Ph.D., Technical Advisor

Doug comes to IAS with an aquaculture science and engineering career that spans four decades. As an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University for 12 years, Doug worked on advanced applied research projects including the development of aquaculture simulation software for static, flow through and recirculation systems. Doug moved to the private sector in 2002 and since then has directed his work on commercial aquaculture system development. Working in various positions including Director of Research and Development, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for commercial companies, Doug’s work has been focused on recirculating intensive enclosed climate-controlled aquaculture systems for large scale production. As an expert in water chemistry and biological process engineering, Doug applies his deep scientific knowledge and applied commercial biological process engineering background to IAS system designs and projects. In his free time you can find Doug outdoors on and under water, hiking, biking and paddle boarding around the coast of California.

Tom Young

Tom Young

Tom Young, Production Manager

Tom comes to Integrated Aqua Systems with over 35 years of experience with building and performing technical services on a wide variety of industrial equipment and instrumentation. He started his career as an Electronics Technician in the Navy and holds three degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Technology and Management. Tom is primarily responsible for production of all systems and equipment at IAS. In his spare time Tom enjoys working on old cars and motorcycles.

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