Commercial Chillers

The HydroMarine Air Cooled Chiller line is the perfect fit for any aquatic temperature control application including Aquaculture, Hydroponics, Zoo’s and Aquariums, and more. These units utilize a Titanium Evaporator in a Schedule 80 PVC shell for high efficiency heat transfer in the toughest environments and have a flanged top for easy cleaning without removing the entire shell. All supports, jacket, and hardware are 316SS and the units come mounted on Corrosion Resistant FRP I-Beam or T-6061 Aluminum Square Tubing depending on the model.

Standard Features:

  • Gr. 2 Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger Coil
  • 14 Seer Rating for All Condensing Units 
  • SCH 80 PVC Shell Construction with Removable Flanged Ends
  • All 316 Stainless Steel Base, Jacket and Hardware

Chiller Selection Chart:

Model Number
TonnageBTUHVolts/PhaseMCAFlow (gpm) Min/MaxLength x Width x Height (in.)
IA-SC-1.51.518,000 208-230V/ 1PH11.7 20/6048″ x 26″ x 45″
IA-SC-22.024,000 208-230V/1PH14.120/6048″ x 26″ x 45″
IA-SC-2.52.530,000 208-230V/3PH11.220/8048″ x 35″ x 49″
IA-SC-33.036,000 460V/3PH7.720/80 48″ x 35″ x 49″
IA-SC-3.53.542,000 460V/3PH8.120/80 48″ x 35″ x 49″
IA-SC-44.048,000 460V/3PH8.325/11048″ x 35″ x 58″
IA-SC-55.060,000 460V/3PH10.5 25/110 48″ x 35″ x 58″
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