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Bacterial and viral diseases can become serious threats to the health of aquatic animals in a wide range of applications. For aquatic display systems crystal clear water is highly desirable to promote a healthy and clean appearance as well as to maintain healthy stocks of fish.Ultraviolet Sterilization is a proven and effective method of disinfecting of water-borne pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and algae without leaving any residual compounds that are toxic to fish. A properly sized UV unit will effectively disinfect your water and require very little maintenance for a low to moderate initial cost.We offer a wide range of UV Sterilizers to fit any application. The Aqua Ultraviolet product line includes UV models for just about any system ranging from a 50 gallon reef aquarium to 90,000 gallon ponds and commercial recirculating systems. These are the most affordable and effective UVs on the market today. Options include manual wiper systems, pvc or stainless steel vessels, and low-pressure high-output lamps.For small research and display systems that require more UV monitoring and control options we offer the Trojan UVMax™ product line. These are 316 stainless steel electropolished and passivated units suitable for saltwater use that don’t come with the big price tag.

Our UltraDynamics© product line is ideal for light industrial, general industrial, and heavy industrial UV applications. Open channel units are also available for higher flow rates. The 8102 product line includes very high quality stainless steel UVs with options for UV monitoring and manual wiper systems. Lamps are high-output and vessels use a single tube design to minimize head loss through the equipment. Please contact us directly for sizing assistance, pricing, and availability.

Did you know that you can buy Semi Commercial and Commercial UV Sterilizers in our online store now? Just posted are the Aqua Logic Comet ALSLT Series, Corona ALSV Series and the Super Nova ALS Series – all available at greatly discounted prices!

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